Based in Toronto, Canada, clients come to Darius Sanei architecture because they desire something different .................... and modern in the true sense of the word (not as its commonly referred to these days, as mid-last-century-modern), unique and better than the run of the mill, badly mass produced "builder-homes".

They get a building that escapes the monotony of the box, re-acts positively with its site/environment and gives the occupants a sense of freedom and mobility .................... a home that feels warm and inviting to the senses.

We specialize in designing custom homes including cottages/vacation homes and horse farms/stables.
Also, we design additions and renovations with the same care and standards.
We employ environmentally friendly practices in efficiency of design, materials and systems. An open plan, radiant floor heating , modern and efficient windows and doors and several construction options ranging from traditional wood framing to steel and insulated concrete block systems (ICB) .

The projects presented here, are the more interesting design challenges that were resolved.

The influence of architectFrank Lloyd Wright and his ideals of organic architecture, or architecture from within, is self evident in these designs.

Darius Sanei

Project 1:
A house and studio for myself in Uxbridge, Ontario , Front View

A low profile and unassuming ultra-modern structure that blends with and appreciates its surroundings.

A country dwelling featuring a courtyard, an indoor garden and an double sided fireplace. This house is Composed in white stucco exterior with gray trim.

Project 2:
House for a private client in Toronto, Ontario, Front Detail

An ultra modern house in a modest area of Toronto. The exterior is in stone and stucco.

Project 3:
House for a private client in Toronto, Ontario, Front Detail

A large bungalow to be built on a fashionable drive in Toronto. The side porch, extends the house into its site and provides an indoor/outdoor space. The two-sided fireplace is a common feature in most of these houses and it is placed inside the house which keeps the heat inside, rather than having it on an exterior wall, which will waste energy to the outside. More beautiful and moreefficient.

Designed to be built in white stucco and continuous gray sill/trim, also featuring an indoor garden and large glass windows.

Project 4:
A house for Mr. Nikoo in Toronto, Ontario, Front Detail

A house on a corner lot with privacy and simple luxury with an open plan and two sided fireplace in the living/dining area.

Designed to have white stucco with continuous gray sill/trim exterior. A composition with multi-level flat and low hip roofs that extends to the landscape and make the house blend with it.

Project 5:
A house proposal for a private client in Gatineau, Quebec, Perspective Detail

A rural house with plenty of nature surrounding it. This house will be naturally cooled and ventilated by northern breezes in the summer time. A simple north-facing wind-tower, brings in the wind when it is cooled by a small decorative pool/fountain at the base and exiting via windows at the opposite sides.

The house also features a screened north facing porch, accessed from inside the house, providing a secure indoor-outdoor space for warm summer days and evenings. The exterior is in white stucco.

Project 6:
House for Mr. M. Cerquozzi in Nepean, Ontario, Front Detail

A country house to be constructed with a natural earth berm on the north or front side, to protect against cold northern winds in the winter and celestial windows that will allow cool breezes in during summer .

This house is built with red brick and white stucco with continuous concrete sill/trim. 

Project 7:
House for Mr. B. Cerquozzi, Ottawa, Ontario, Front Detail

Many of the features which have since characterized my designs, originated in this house.
Although, the eaves became wider and the roof slopes became lower to give houses a sense of shelter and associate them with their site as an essential part of nature.

The exterior of this house,is in white brick with continuous gray sill/trim and red clay roof.

Project 8:
House for a private client in Ontario, Front Detail

A two storey house with a carport and a also a garage at the back. Featuring, in addition to having an open house like my other house designs, planters penetrating the house to bring nature in and an indoor Japanese style garden. Designed to be built in modern gray brick and smooth white stucco with gray continuous concretesill/trim.

Project 9:
Persia House Proposal in Toronto, Ontario, Front Perspective

A good time place! ......................... with its two banquet halls on the first floor and a restaurant and a night club on the second floor, and also plenty of outdoor space as well. Spaces flow through the ground floor to the terraces and to the outdoor gardens. This building is to be used and visited by all who love art and culture ................. A destination in the Toronto area.

The ultra-modern design is inspired by the ancient pre-Islamic architecture of Persia (modern day Iran), specifically the magnificent complex of palaces and administration buildings at Persepolis, the ancient capital of Persia .................................... which was destroyed by Alexander.

The building also features four functional wind towers, that are inspired by traditional Persian architecture, where the wind is directed downward onto a fountain pool where it is naturally cooled and carried through the entire building. Thus not only providing a pleasant and natural cooling breeze, but also reducing operational costs and environmental foot print of the structure.

Project 10:
House for a private client in Arizona, USA, Front View

A desert house in concept and design. It is a composition of masses allowing little of the harsh environment of the desert into the house.
Local materials and practices are utilized such as wood and adobe.

Project 11:
A stable for twenty horses, Ottawa, Ontario, Front Perspective

A carefully and lovingly designed horse barn/stable ........................... with the primary concern being the comfort and happiness of the horses who are its occupants. Large stalls, individual outdoor paddocks and state-of-the-art ventilation, heating, cooling and lighting systems and concepts, which areall focused on the health and well being of the horse. The owner is also a beneficiary as a direct result.

Project 12:
A house for Mr. P. B. Morrissey in London Ontario, several views and plans

A generously sized one storey house on a 75 acre lot, featuring generous and openly planned, living and dining spaces that flow to the outside patio, a Japanese style interior garden and an open fireplace

Project 13: House proposal for a corner lot in Toronto, Ontario, Side Detail
A house to be built on a corner lot in a in the Etobicoke area of Toronto.

This ultra-modernhouse is on a corner lot in a fashionable neighbourhood and will stand out for its modernness and strong stance and character.
It features a roof terrace and composed of white stucco, continuous gray sill/trim and flat roof.

Project 14:
A house for a private client in Toronto, Ontario, Side Detail

A modern prairie style house that works out and takes advantage of this generous urban corner lot.
Designed to be built in white stucco and continuous gray sill/trim

Project 15:
A house for Mr. G. Cerquozzi in Ottawa, Ontario, Front Perspective

This house is designed to be built in red brick, white stucco and continuous gray sill/trim.

Project 16:
A low-rise condo. building in Ottawa, Ontario

A modern condo. building in red brick, white stucco and gray continuous sill/trim and featuring a common roof terrace. 

Project 17:
House for Mr. S. Erickson in Toronto, Ontario, Front Detail

A uniquesolution to a unique design problem for a unique client. The client asked for an ultra-modern house in black and white only, inside and outside.

The house is only twenty feet wide in a fashionable area of Toronto, designed to be built in modernblack brick-stone, white stucco and gray sill/trim in a minimalistic composition.

Project 18:
Unitarian Church proposal in Ottawa, Ontario, Front Detail

A small and intimate church designed to lift the human spirit by keeping close to earth rather that belittling humans by tall peaks and celestial decoration, which has been the tradition of church design for the most part. 

The design features a barrel-vault ceiling/roof to create a peaceful space required for spiritual contemplation.

The exterior finish is white stucco with continuous grey sill/trim and numerous inner-penetrating planters, functioning as representative of Nature and The Creator.